Adjunct professor Pilvi Torsti participated as a guest speaker at the Beijing Symposium on the Future of Work and Education, in China. She discussed the importance of creativity in education. The Symposium organized by the China Education International Exchange Association (CEAIE) and the American Eisenhower Fellowships, debated how education can meet the future demands of work and how technological solutions are affecting work and education.

In his opening speech, the President of CEAIE, China's former Deputy Minister of Education, Liu Lim, stressed how changes in education and work life affect people and countries, all over the globe. The change is driven, in particular, by the growth of the middle class and the strengthening of China's global role. The discussions also focused on women's participation and equality in the workplace.

David Hill, representing HP company, one of the sponsors of the event, stressed the importance of creativity. "We are moving from the era of information to the era of creativity."

The most important way to embed Finnish creativity and enhanced thinking, is to emphasize the significance of teacher training and the commitment of top management.  Pilvi Torsti stated, "No reform can be achieved without strong decision-making and educating the teachers well". Torsti also stated that the kindergarten pilot in the city of Baotou, China, is the first kindergarten where the research-based Finnish early education model is being put into practice outside of Finland.