HEI Schools team has got stronger, and infused with new talent during the summer. Pilvi Torsti rose into a new remarkable role as a Member of Finnish Parliament, thus Milla Kokko takes the lead in HEI Schools´ next growth phase together with experienced professionals.


Dr. Pilvi Torsti started as a Member of the Finnish Parliament

HEI Schools Founder, Dr. Pilvi Torsti rose to a Member of the Finnish Parliament in June 9th 2017. She also joined as a member in the Education Committee as she moved to the MP role from a position of the vice MP (elected since 2015). Pilvi continues in the advisory capacity with HEI Schools.

Milla Kokko (MA) stepped in as CEO of HEI Schools

Board of Directors of HEI Schools has nominated Milla Kokko as the CEO of HEI Schools. Milla Kokko (MA) is one of the founders in HEI Schools and prior to the CEO role she was leading the product and concept development in the company. Milla Kokko joined HEI team full-time in late 2016. Before that, she worked as the Head of Strategy for hasan & partners focusing on the growth of Finnish and international brands. She has deep experience in the fields of brand and concept development as well as design, marketing, and communication strategies.


Our new team members


Taina Roth (LLM)

Taina Roth joined HEI Schools as the COO of the company. In addition to being a lawyer, specialized in intellectual properties and licensing, she also has several years of executive experience in corporate venture and start up environments. Her strong experience in law and in building international digital businesses are a great asset for HEI Schools. She joined HEI Schools because of the great team and she also thinks that every child should have a chance for a better future through high quality education. 

Ville Taajamaa (D.Sc. Tech)

Ville Taajamaa started in HEI Schools as a Senior Advisor. Ville has a long entrepreneurial and academic background and he is specialized in new product development and design thinking in education. Alongside with HEI projects, he is doing research on educational innovations in US and Sino-Nordic education set-up. He teaches product development in a Sino-Finnish double degree program run by University of Turku and Fudan University in Shanghai, and is a researcher in Design Entrepreneuring Studio at Stanford, California. Due to Ville’s experience, he will be focusing on new product development and customers especially in East Asia.

Juho Pitkäniemi (BA, Economics)

Juho Pitkäniemi started in HEI Schools team as an assistant controller. He is finishing his Master’s degree in accounting at Aalto University. Juho joined the team because he recognizes the importance of early childhood education, loves working for meaningful causes, and really believes this team can make it happen!