HEI Schools will open a kindergarten in Ruoholahti, Helsinki in August 2018. The kindergarten will be operated by Touhula, the largest kindergarten operator in Finland. The curriculum and concept will follow the HEI Schools model.

“Since the founding of HEI Schools we have wanted to have a HEI Schools kindergarten here in Helsinki. Our concept is constantly developing with the latest research and it is important that we can develop our program together with teachers and children right here in Finland. Having a showroom in Helsinki will also enable our foreign guests to visit our HEI School and experience the Finnish model”, says Milla Kokko, the CEO of HEI Schools.


The first HEI Schools opened in China, Baotou in September 2017. In addition to HEI Schools Ruoholahti, there will be other HEI Schools openings with HEI Melbourne in Australia and HEI Guangzhou in Southern China. All HEI Schools kindergartens will be closely connected to each other.

Touhula varhaiskasvatus Oy is the largest private kindergarten operator in Finland, currently operating over 160 kindergartens around Finland. HEI Schools Ruoholahti kindergarten will open its doors in August 2018 and will offer early childhood education for ca 100 children with the age range of 10 months to 6 years. The strategic co-operation with Touhula continues also with Touhula operating more HEI Schools in the larger Helsinki metropolitan area.

The kindergarten operator and recruiter is Touhula varhaiskasvatus.

Please apply here:

Day-care nurse: https://rekry.varhaiskasvatus.com/MepRekry/Application/Index/1331/

Kindergarten teacher: https://rekry.varhaiskasvatus.com/MepRekry/Application/Index/1317/

Anne Rusanen