Can happiness be exported?

PRESS RELEASE December 3rd 2018

Finnish based HEI Schools is globalizing Nordic wellbeing through the lens of early education. Backed by academics at the University of Helsinki, HEI Schools is delivering the acclaimed Finnish model to early education operators all over the world.

Nordic countries top polls year after year as the happiest in the world. Values such as creativity, trust, compassion and sustainability, all building a high quality of life with education as a cornerstone to Nordic wellbeing. Studies consistently prove that a solid foundation during early years has a lasting, lifelong impact.


HEI Schools is a highly designed, research based licensing model established for local partners to provide the best in early childhood education. A complete school package including the curriculum, teacher training, learning environment design, curated learning materials and operational support. All created with co-founder University of Helsinki in 2016 together with experts in education and design – a perfect harmony of Finnish pedagogy and Nordic design delivered to the world.


The first HEI Schools opened in Baotou, China in 2017 with a 4,500 square meter space for 300 children from the ages of 3-6. Success has been seen and felt by the parents of Baotou with positive changes in their children and homelife as well as within their community.

Rapid growth and desirability for the concept in different markets shows, that HEI Schools is filling a need by providing a model not based on heavy stress, ranking and competition, but on individual success and holistic development of the child – still not compromising academic achievement. HEI Schools is now seeking growth in new markets after four successful projects in Baotou and Guangzhou in China, Melbourne, Australia and Helsinki, Finland. New HEI Schools in Shanghai, Chengdu and Beijing, China, Korea, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait City will be open during 2019-2020. North America will be one of the main focus areas for new partners and market opening during 2019.

“HEI Schools was developed to offer high quality early childhood education for as many children and families in the world as possible. It would be actually quite easy to build a great school for 2% of the wealthiest people, but we truly are seeking for a model to serve the many, not the few” says CEO of HEI Schools, Milla Kokko.


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