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Special webinar

How to Discuss Difficult Topics with Children

With global events and life’s daily challenges affecting people of all ages, having difficult discussions with children is inevitable. In this webinar, we will host HEI Schools co-founder and professor Lasse Lipponen from the University of Helsinki to share his ideas about how to discuss difficult topics like war, climate change, and so on with children. Our host, Tiina Daifi, will also share her experiences as a parent of two children.

icon-speaker Lasse Lipponen, Professor at Helsinki University

About the webinar

Join us for a ‘fireside chat’ about ways to discuss difficult topics with children. We’ll cover areas like:

  • The pedagogical ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of having these sorts of talks
  • How to look at challenging situations from the child’s perspective
  • Ways to help children cope in times of emergency or stress

Professor Lipponen will provide a pedagogical point of view and share some of the latest research findings in this field. Tiina will also provide her insights as a parent.



Lasse Lipponen

HEI Schools Co-Founder University of Helsinki professor and HEI Schools

Greetings from the panelists

Hi, my name is Lasse Lipponen. I am one of the HEI Schools co-founders and Head of Pedagogical Content. I’m a professor of education, with special reference to early childhood education, at the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Helsinki. I have also been a visiting professor and lecturer for early education and teacher training in many universities.


Tiina Daifi

Tiina Daifi

HEI Schools Partnerships Manager & Mother of 2

Hi everyone, I'm Tiina Daifi. I am a HEI Schools Partnerships Manager and a mother of two children. I have worked in education for years, and I have lived in several countries with my family. Thanks to these experiences, I have learned about different educational systems throughout the world.