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Special webinar

Education in Post-Pandemic Times: Lessons Learned and Our Way into the Future

HEI Schools founder Pilvi Torsti will join us to share her experience in founding HEI Schools and why it was created. She will also discuss how the pandemic has affected the state of education, both nationally and globally, what we have learned from these experiences, and what opportunities we have to develop the field in the future.

icon-speaker Pilvi Torsti, HEI Schools Founder,  Inkeri Mentzoni, Director of Sales and Marketing of HEI Schools

Topics for discussion

  • Why HEI Schools was founded and what makes it different
  • What the pandemic has taught us about the type of education children need
  • How the pandemic has affected children and countries around the world
  • The global needs for education and edtech
  • The growing need for a more global and interconnected worldview in education

Guest Speaker

Pilvi Torsti

Dr. Pilvi Torsti

Founder of HEI Schools

Pilvi has served in leadership and expert roles in the fields of education, learning, research, science, innovation and public policy in Finland and globally since the 1990s. She has worked in the public sector, founded early education start-up HEI Schools (2015) and co-founded United World College in Mostar (2006). She is a specialist in the former Yugoslavia region and has lived overseas in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and Nepal. In addition to education issues, she has been involved in a broad range of issues as an MP and State Secretary of three ministries in Finland. Such issues include employment, communication and network policy (5G), AI, digitalization, data politics, immigration, culture, and strategic planning of transport & climate policies. She is a UWC graduate (1995) and Eisenhower Fellow (2013).


Inkeri Mentzoni 400x400

Inkeri Mentzoni

Director of Sales and Marketing of HEI Schools

Inkeri is the Director of Sales and Marketing at HEI Schools. She has worked in the USA, Latin America, Asia and Europe and for the past several years, she has focused on driving growth in the global education business.