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Special webinar

Teacher Time: Exploring Teacher Identity and Development

Join our expert pedagogues, Paula Hoppu and Ella Tieaho, for a panel discussion about teacher identity and development. Learn best practices of working in a multi-professional team and ways to develop a strong professional identity at any level of experience.

icon-speaker Paula Hoppu, Ella Tieaho

About the webinar

Our panel discussion will cover many topics surrounding teacher identity and development, including:

  • Ways of working and building trust in a multi-professional team
  • How to develop a strong professional identity
  • The importance of continual professional development

Hear practical examples and learn best practices in this informative session. There will also be a short Q&A at the end of the discussion. We hope to see you there!



Ella Tieaho

Pedagogical manager at HEI Schools

Paula Hoppu

Paula Hoppu

Pedagogical manager at HEI Schools

Greetings from the panelists

I am Ella Tieaho, and I earned my bachelor's in early education and my master's in education policy, school export & early childhood education. I have taught for over 10 years, 6 of which I spent in the ECE setting. I also have my own company, which is based on Finnish ECE expertise, and I have given speeches at many educational events in Finland. At HEI Schools, I create content, train teachers, and support customers in educating children around the world.


I am Paula Hoppu and I work as a pedagogical manager at HEI Schools. I have built my career working with multicultural families, in multi-national teams and environments as an early years educator and center director for more than 20 years in Finland. Working as a pedagogical manager at HEI Schools, I recently mentored teams in our Learning Centers in Australia and South Korea. I also conduct online teacher training for our global community of educators.


Jenna b&w

Jenna Venäläinen

Head of Video at HEI Schools

Hey! I'm Jenna Venäläinen and I work as Head of Video at HEI Schools. I have a background as an Early Education teacher and I also worked as a Senior Pedagogical Manager at HEI Schools. Nowadays, I focus on planning and creating video materials for different purposes at HEI. I love working with all of these talented and inspiring people!