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Toolkit Case Study: Beta Academy, Part 2

"Even visitors can feel the joy that comes from hands-on learning." Learn how an American school found success with the Toolkit.

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General Overview

  • School name: Beta Academy

  • Location: Houston, Texas, USA

  • Open date: 2010

  • Joined the Toolkit: July 2020

  • Number of children in preschool program: 60

  • Number of ECE teachers: 16

Meet the HEI Schools Partner

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Helen Abernathy

Director of Research and Development

Through the Toolkit, we’ve learned that the joy of learning, curiosity and exploration can be simple. You just have to change the way you’re thinking, and the Toolkit has helped us do that.

Note: This is the second half of a two-part case study.
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Progress with the Program

Beta Academy, located Texas, USA, subscribed to the HEI Schools Toolkit in the summer of 2021 because of its Finnish origins, dedication to research and effective design. They spent a few weeks before the school year training their teachers, and they introduced the new outdoor-focused approach to the parents as well.

Despite some initial hesitations, everyone soon grew to love the program changes. Throughout the year, the children became more confident and they’re learning more effectively with this playful approach. The best part? No need for worksheets! Teachers also enjoy the changes, and even secondary school students have felt the effects!



There’s no need for pen and paper worksheets anymore


Children are more joyful, active and courageous in their daily activities


Teachers feel more energetic and passionate about their work

Learn more about how the program worked in practice by downloading our case study below!

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