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Are you passionate about bringing the Finland's famous education system to your region? We work with early education and school operators by providing them what they need to accomplish their dreams! Explore our offering and success stories around the world!

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Why HEI Schools stand out?

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Strong academic and research foundation

Our educational approach is continuously enhanced through ongoing research

The University of Helsinki and Professor Lipponen of the Faculty of Education are the co-founders of HEI Schools and the academic partners in developing our research-based model. The connection with academia allows us to stay current on the latest educational research conducted around the world. Read more of our educational articles here.


Holistic, play-based and future-ready education 

Academic learning with character building

Every child has the right to grow and learn in a supportive and stress-free environment that equips them with the skills they need to prosper in the future. We believe in recognizing each child holistically and aim to educate socially, emotionally and academically confident, capable children. Our curriculum teaches cognitive skills and our pedagogy helps children develop soft skills like resilience, communication and problem solving, all those skills that research proves to be vital for future academic success.

Global network with an internationally recognized brand

Global network with an internationally recognized brand

 Over 4000 educators in more than 50 countries

HEI Schools curriculum and training programs are used by over 4000 educators in over in five continents. Our first HEI Schools kindergarten opened in 2017 in China and ever since we have been implementing our Finland-inspired model in over 50 countries worldwide. Read more about our continuous global expansion here.


Success Stories from Our Community

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Carolina, San Rafael 120x 120

The most rewarding part of being a Learning Center partner is bringing a piece of Finland to San Rafael through HEI Schools, as well receiving daily support from the HEI Schools San Rafael team.

Carolina Bellitti

HEI buddy south africa 80x80-144

I was looking for progressive curriculum in the market. HEI Schools stood out with its research-based program and premium quality. This is truly great value for my investment.

Werner Bouwer

Testimonial Pic Amanda 120x120

I was most impressed by the founders’ motivation to ensure that children all around the world have similar educational experiences to Finnish children. They are genuinely invested in the wellbeing of all children.


Testimonial Pic Jayaradha Shankar 120x120

It is absolutely wonderful! I found it so informative. For somebody who is just getting into this space, I think it's a very good first step.

Jayaradha Shankar

HEI buddy australia 120x120-128

I was looking for a school that embraces the whole child and views them as an individual. My partner wanted a school that allows children to be children, to pursue their imagination and to participate in free play. HEI Schools hit all the marks for both of us.

Mother of 2

The University of Helsinki as a co-founder

The latest research and findings in educational sciences provide us with valuable insights and information that we include and utilize in our pedagogical materials.

University of Helsinki

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