Educational Resources from HEI Schools

At HEI Schools, our mission is to bring high-quality education to as many children and families in the world as possible. We offer many free educational resources to help us accomplish that goal. Downloadable PDFs, webinars, our blog and various newsletters provide valuable information about Finnish pedagogy and early childhood education.

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HEI downloadable pdfs

Downloadable PDFs

Our downloadable PDFs cover a wide range of early education topics, including:

- How to handle everyday challenges in the classroom
- A comparison of HEI Schools and Montessori
- Information about Finnish teacher training

HEI webinar buddies


We regularly organize interactive webinars about different topics in early education and we often invite Finnish educational experts to join us as guest speakers.

You can register to watch our upcoming webinars live or watch past sessions on demand.

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HEI Blog

We warmly welcome you to learn more about the Finnish approach to education on the HEI Schools blog. We cover topics like holistic development and special needs, and we also explain how HEI Schools applies these best practices to make an impact on children around the world.

HEI buddy newsletters


Subscribe to one of our monthly newsletters to get more resources sent straight to your inbox. HEI Schools Happenings has all the latest news and events from HEI Schools in Finland and around the world while our Nuggets of Knowledge provides thematic educational resources from around the web.