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On this page we have collected different resources and tools with regards to Finnish education and the HEI Schools curriculum, mixed with HEI Schools products and activities that we offer for free.

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For whatever relationship you have with education, we have a HEI for you!

At HEI Schools, our mission is to bring high-quality education to as many children in the world as possible. If that’s your goal too, whether you are a teacher, school owner or parent, we have tons of great resources for you to choose between! 

Free downloads, webinars and articles about education. Have a look and take your pick! 

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Take a look at our large selection of product webinar recordings as well as our special webinars! 

We host special webinars on a regular basis about highly relevant topics related to early education.

Register to watch live on the day or watch it on demand at a later point! 

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Find a wide selection of great free downloadables and tools to help you on your journey in early education! 


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We warmly welcome you to learn more about the Finnish approach to education in a collection of articles about early education. Here you can also see how HEI Schools works to apply these best practices to make a great difference in every child’s daily life and learning journey!


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