HEI Team

HEI Schools Headquarters

Pilvi Torsti

Pilvi Torsti, Founder and Board Member

State Secretary, Finnish Ministry of Education 2013-15. Over 20 years of experience in international education. One of the three founders of United World College in Mostar 2006 that has offered international education for over 700 students to date. She is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki.

HEI Milla Kokko

Milla Kokko, Co-Founder and Board Member

Experienced business professional and strategist with deep knowhow in brand and concept building, marketing strategies and customer experience both in Finland and internationally.

Professor Lasse Lipponen

Lasse Lipponen, Professor and Co-Founder

A professor of education, with special reference to early childhood education, at the Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki. Visiting professor and lecturer for early education and teacher training in many universities.

HEI Anne Rusanen

Anne Rusanen, Head of Design and Co-Founder

Design and creative director with 15 years of experience in brand building, concept designing, and marketing communications for leading companies and organizations.

Inkeri Aimonen-1

Inkeri Aimonen

Partner, Director Sales and Marketing

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HEI Karoliina Nygren-1

Karoliina Nygren

Business Unit Director

HEI Heikki Vartia-1

Heikki Vartia

Partnerships and Sales Manager

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Tiina Daifi

Tiina Daifi

Partnerships and Sales Manager

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HEI Tatu Hinttula

Tatu Hinttula

Head of Product

Isabella Bondestam

Isabella Bondestam

Account Manager

Nancy Vongjatuporn

Nancy Vongjatuporn

Project Manager

Kaisa Koivisto-1

Kaisa Koivisto

Growth Marketing Manager

HEI Iiris Halme

Iiris Halme

Graphic Designer

Iida-Lotta Vilkki

Iida-Lotta Vilkki

Human Resources & Office Manager

Paula Hoppu-1

Paula Hoppu

Pedagogical Manager

Anna-Maija Kuokkanen 1

Anna-Maija Kuokkanen

Senior Pedagogical Manager

Mervi Turpeinen-1

Mervi Turpeinen

Pedagogical Manager

Aleksandra Pavlovic-1

Aleksandra Pavlovic

Pedagogical Content Manager

HEI Riina Seinelä

Riina Seinelä

Pedagogical Content Manager

HEI Tuuli Schalin

Tuuli Schalin

Pedagogical Content Manager


Emma Lehti

Project Director (On maternity leave)