Toolkit Curriculum Case Studies

The Toolkit Curriculum is for any kindergarten and preschool that wants to implement Finnish-style play-based learning under their own brand.
Read some examples of how our HEI Schools toolkit partners have brought Finnish early education to their school with success:
Spectrum children on field 500x300

Spectrum International Schools, Malaysia

When his team started searching for solutions to the kindergarten program’s challenges, Mr. Osama Yunes already knew of Finland's early education success. The team worked hard to put the play-based pedagogy into practice and educate parents about its benefits. Successful implementation of the Toolkit boosted the program's enrollment by 15% within a year!

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Beta Academy children in a row 500x300

Beta Academy, USA, Part 1

“I believe that students should be taught in a delightful, whimsical way, and pushing kids hard is having the opposite effect of what we want. With the Finnish approach, children work smarter, not harder." Read more to discover how the HEI Schools Toolkit changed the way teachers approached learning! 

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Beta Academy boy 500x300

Beta Academy, USA, Part 2

A charter school subscribed to the HEI Schools Toolkit in the summer of 2021 because of its Finnish origins, dedication to research and effective design. Children, teachers and parents alike love the outdoor-focused approach and they truly experience the joy of learning!

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Montessori house 500x300

Montessori House, Kenya

Ms. Prisca Muyodi, owner of Montessori House in Nairobi, Kenya, was looking to standardize the quality of her teachers. With five early learning centers across the city with over 50 teachers and 500 students, it was a challenge until she found the HEI Schools Toolkit.

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E=mc2 500x300

E=MC2, South Africa

Although they are not teachers, Christina and Werner wanted to change the landscape of early education in South Africa. They decided to open a sustainable school, and the Toolkit was the perfect choice for their curriculum.

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HEI Schools Senayan Introduction
HEI Schools Senayan location
HEI Schools Senayan Play Cabin
HEI Schools Senayan Children in classroom
HEI Schools Senayan story time
HEI Schools Senayan Children intake
HEI Schools Saudi Arabia Introduction
HEI Schools Saudi Arabia facility
HEI Schools Saudi Arabia Circle time
HEI Schools Saudi Arabia children playing drums
HEI Schools Saudi Arabia Story time
HEI Schools Saudi Arabia Children intake
HEI Schools San Rafael Introduction
HEI Schools San Rafael Playground
HEI Schools San Rafael children learning art
HEI Schools San Rafael Children playing in aerobic class
HEI Schools San Rafael children playing with lego
HEI Schools San Rafael children walking with their teacher
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2 - Senayan
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6 - Senayan
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1 - San Rafael
2 - San Rafael
3 - San Rafael
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