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Toolkit Partner Success Stories

How a kindergarten in Malaysia boosted enrollments by 15% with the help of the HEI Schools Toolkit

When his team started searching for solutions to the kindergarten program’s challenges, Mr. Osama Yunes already knew that Finland was a shining example of successful early education. The HEI Schools Toolkit brought that success to his school.

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“A return to the golden age of childhood" - How one school in Texas combines joy with rigorous learning

Helen Abernathy started her career as a teacher, with a background in Reading & TESOL/ESL, and she now claims the title of co-founder of Beta Academy. Her long-standing passion for Finnish education led her to HEI Schools, and she can’t wait to implement the approach!

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Learning Center Success Stories

How a learning space with a poor reputation became a community success story

Amanda Patris was planning to leave the early education field. But when offered the manager position for a kindergarten with a poor reputation, Amanda took it, simply because she had fallen in love with the HEI Schools pedagogy. She and her team relentlessly revamped the center's reputation by providing high-quality education visible to the whole community.

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