The HEI WAY GuideS everything we do


Curiosity & Creativity

Curious children are creative children

Curiosity is the driving force of learning. Creativity stems from playful exploration. We create rich learning environments for children to explore with their senses. When natural curiosity is acknowledged and nurtured, children begin to ask questions about the world around them.


Active Participation

Children have the right to be heard and included.

Children have a variety of ways to express their opinions, create their own play and show their emotions. We encourage participation by giving children opportunities to make decisions regarding their daily lives. This supports children’s growth as responsible members of society, while strengthening their confidence and sense of belonging.


Culture of trust

Culture is built on mutual respect and a commitment to shared responsibilities.

Feeling safe, respected and trusted are basic preconditions for any human being to learn. When people trust each other, they grow and learn. When children are surrounded by a culture of trust, they are free to explore, experiment and move through their space with ease.


Sustainable way of living

Taking care of our communities without compromising the planet.

Sustainability is not only about being environmentally aware. At our schools children are educated to be respectful and compassionate people who respect diversity and contribute to creating a more sustainable world — both culturally and environmentally.


Learning everywhere & all the time

Learning is a constant, complex and interconnected process that isn’t limited to specific activities or only inside a classroom. At our preschools learning is approached holistically, where each interaction – with other children, teachers or nature – presents a possibility for learning. Our learning environments are carefully designed to encourage children to interact, explore, rest and unwind.