HEI Way - the principles that guide us

HEI Way is the set of pedagogical principles that guide us at HEI Schools. They are the cornerstones behind our pedagogy and curriculum.


HEI Way 1


HEI Way 2


HEI Way 3


HEI Way 4


HEI Way 5


HEI WAY in practice

HEI Way 1

Curiosity and Creatitivity


The foundation of learning is fueled by curiosity and creativity. 

At HEI Schools, we believe children's innate desire to wonder, inquire, delve into new ideas, and explore should be nurtured and celebrated.

How Curiosity & Creativity is reflected in HEI Pedagogy & Curriculum

  • The curriculum activities at HEI Schools are intentionally designed to spark natural curiosity. The focus is not on completing the activity as planned, but rather on encouraging children to ask questions, explore, and test their ideas. Teachers and children enjoy the flexibility to seamlessly carry over activities into the next day, providing children with the opportunity to explore their inquiries more extensively
  • Our weekly projects are centered around inquiry, prompting children to think critically, ask meaningful questions, and seek answers.
HEI Way 2

Active Participation


Active participation fosters a sense of capability, ownership, and dedication. Children, similar to adults, thrive when they can take the lead and be proactive. Taking responsibility also teaches children the importance of accountability. Sharing your ideas instills the important message that your voice matters.

How Active Participation is reflected in HEI pedagogy & curriculum:

  • Children's meetings that are part of our program, provide opportunities for children to decide on the rules for their group
  • The teacher's role is to guide the discussion and offer different perspectives.
  • Learning how to get dressed, tying your own shoe laces. Self-care skills are important life skills, which also foster a sense of competence.


HEI Way 3

Culture of Trust


Trust is like a superpower that simplifies everything. When there is a culture of trust within the school community, it allows everyone to concentrate on what truly matters, knowing that others are giving their best. This culture of trust creates a safe space for taking risks, learning from mistakes, and working together towards shared goals.

How Culture of Trust is reflected in HEI pedagogy & curriculum:

  • Consistent and transparent communication between the school and parents fosters a culture of trust.
  • Teachers acknowledge and value the distinctive strengths of each child, recognizing that children consistently strive to excel, regardless of the challenges they may face.



HEI Way 4

Sustainable Way of Living


Living sustainably involves considering not just the environment, but also the economic and social aspects, striving for a harmonious approach towards ensuring the long-term health of our planet and the well-being of all. This includes safeguarding natural resources, championing biodiversity, and minimizing pollution and waste. It also means fostering growth and progress that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. Embracing inclusivity, encouraging socially responsible and ethical conduct, and investing in community advancement are essential components of sustainable living.

How Sustainable Way of Living is reflected in HEI pedagogy & curriculum:

  • Our curriculum provides resources and learning materials for sustainable practices like recycling and circular economy.
  • Our pedagogy promotes a supportive approach and seeing everyone's individual strengths. 
  • Hiring and training local teachers and promoting their professional growth and development. 
  • Collaborating with local businesses for example, buying locally produced food.


HEI Way 5

Learning Everywhere, All the Time

girl-excited-about-a-toyAt HEI Schools, learning does not only happen in a classroom or at school, it happens everywhere. Every moment and interaction holds valuable lessons for both children and adults, which provides endless learning opportunities. Children learn wisdom not just from teachers, but from every individual they encounter, making us all their guides in unique ways.

How Learning Everywhere, All the Time is reflected in HEI pedagogy & curriculum:

  • A meal time as a learning moment: counting vegetables, observing colors and shapes, learning to discuss and listen to others.
  • Getting dressed as a learning moment: fine motor skills when closing zippers and tying shoe laces, learning patience, and calming oneself when dressing frustrates.
  • Baking with grandmother turns into an educational experience, where measuring ingredients enhances math skills and observing the effects of baking powder introduces the wonders of science through the cake dough rising in the oven
  • Celebrating with family; is an opportunity to discover cultural heritage, exploring music through singing, and honing both physical and verbal communication skills through interactions with relatives.