HEI Schools K12 Concept

HEI Schools K12 concept unites Finnish roots and global minds to provide a holistic approach to international education from early years to high school graduation. Our schools are designed to foster well-being, academic excellence, and a lifelong passion for learning, all under the HEI Schools brand.

The Future of Learning

Education has the power to change lives. Our HEI Schools K-12 concept includes everything from Early Years to Grades 1-12, delivering a holistic and forward-looking international K12 education in cooperation with the International Baccalaureate. We are more than a school; we're a global community of HEI Schools dedicated to preparing students both thrive and be well in a changing world.

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What's included in HEI Schools K12 Concept?

Our concept combines the best of HEI Schools and the IB Curriculum Framework 

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Optional unique Finnish features for grades

Finland-inspired subjects


Lesson plans and teaching material packages for the Finnish school subjects such as Art & Visual Expression, Home-economics & Life Skills, Maker's Lab. Or teach math with Finnish math books, available in English.
Curated Edtech


Enrich your classroom activities with curated learning programs and teaching technology from our trusted partners in lesson planning & assessment, language & mathematics, coding & stem and SEL. 
Teacher Training_1


Boost the expertise of educators with HEI Schools’ training programs. Rooted in the world-leading Finnish Education and Pedagogy, our training programs are designed to foster a student-centric, holistic, and future-ready teaching approach.
Recruitment service


Our recruitment service helps you bring on board a classroom/subject teacher or a principal who has expertise in Finnish education, ensuring a long-term commitment to excellence at your HEI Schools.

Why choose the HEI Schools K12 Concept?

HEI Schools Brand

Adopt a brand that is recognized globally, proven to be successful, and the first choice for parents

Co-founded by the University of Helsinki and experienced education leaders, HEI Schools has expanded its educational presence with 23 open HEI Schools and 20 more projects underway. Our award-winning concept has proven successful in over 14 countries and 5 continents worldwide.

Holistic education (1)

Provide international, holistic, and future-ready education to the students in your area

Our educational program seamlessly blends the renowned Finnish educational principles with the high academic standards and global perspective offered by the IB Curriculum framework. This unique combination aims to provide students with a comprehensive and well-rounded education that incorporates best practices from both Finnish and international educational systems.


HEI Pedagogy

Implement the world-leading Finnish teaching at your school

HEI Pedagogy, drawing inspiration from the Finnish Core National Education, is fully aligned with the IB Curriculum framework, making it easy for your educators to deliver the internationally acclaimed curriculum. With no disruption from Early Years to Grade 12, your students are fully adapted and equipped to thrive and succeed at school.


Global community

Be a part of our global HEI Schools community of passionate education leaders

Operating across more than 23 local HEI Schools worldwide, our community consists of 83 dedicated management members & 445 passionate educators on 5 continents. This diverse global network provides an exceptional platform for collaborative support and continuous learning opportunities.


Our success story

The upcoming HEI Schools campus in Phuket is a testament to our vision, equipped to accommodate a vibrant community of learners. With HEI designed, Finnish-inspired pedagogy and IB aligned framework, and a wide range of extracurricular activities, the school is setting new standards for Thai education.

HEI Schools Phuket library

"A unique blend of HEI approach and IB curriculum framework"

The HEI Schools Phuket K-12 school is the first of its kind, aiming to blend Finnish pedagogy with the globally recognized IB curriculum. This combination is designed to provide a comprehensive and modern educational experience that meets the demands of the 21st century.
"Integrating the IB methodology into our educational framework ensures that our students receive a universally respected and academically rigorous education, while upholding the high standards set by the IB and HEI Schools' innovative approach to learning." Permkiat Ketkul, Vice President of Kajoenkiet School Group, stated.

HEI Schools Phuket students

"An education that equips students with future skills"

A primary objective of the K-12 program at HEI Schools Phuket is to prepare students for the complexities of our contemporary world. By emphasizing project-based learning, technology integration, and leadership skills from both the IB and HEI approaches, the program ensures its students become knowledgeable, empathetic future leaders.


"K-12 campus that is unlike any other"

The HEI Schools Phuket campus embraces HEI Space Design, inspired by Nordic and Finnish interior aesthetics. The school adheres to the iconic HEI design, utilizing natural, calming colors that are proven to enhance children's learning, focus, and well-being. The primary and secondary facilities also feature dedicated spaces and classrooms for Finnish-inspired subjects, such as art and crafts, and maker labs for textile and technical materials.

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HEI Phuket classroom
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