HEI Privacy Policy

The HEI Schools Privacy Policy Statement

The HEI Schools Privacy Policy Statement 

The customer information of HEI Schools is confidential  and will not be disclosed to third parties. When processing this information, HEI Schools adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Personal Data Act, the law on privacy, security and other legislation related to data protection, due diligence and good data processing.

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Statement and any changes will be posted here.

  1. The Registrar

Helsinki International Schools Group Oy (HEI Schools)

registration number: 2722710-9

address: Kaikukatu 4, 00530 Helsinki

More information about the register please contact info@heischools.com

  1. Collection and purpose of the data

The processing of personal data is based on personal consent of a registered person, personal assignment, recruitment candidate or other relevant relationship. Personal data can be processed to implement, develop and track customer or business relationships, customer service and related communications, to process job applications that we receive,and to send newsletters. In addition, we collect analytical information from visitors to our websites. The information to be stored in the register is obtained from the person himself.

Recruitment candidates

If an individual applies for a job at HEI Schools or at one of our local operating schools, we will collect the following information, which is provided by the applicant through our website or during the recruitment process:
- Name and contact information of applicant
- Cover letter, CV and other information provided by applicant
- Information and data about the applicant gathered during interviews and other communication between applicant and HEI Schools which is relevant for recruitment process

We collect applicants’ data to process their applications and communicate with them during our recruitment process in order to make a recruitment decision. With your consent, we may store your data for a longer period in order to get in touch with you about future employment opportunities.

  1. Cookies

The HEI Schools uses cookies on its website. The cookie can be valid for either a single session or for a longer period of time. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user's device when visiting a web site on a web browser. The HEI Schools website uses cookies along with third party cookies to enhance and personalize the service experience, gather information about users, visitors, and the most popular content. You can prevent cookies from being saved by changing your browser's security settings. However, all the functionality of the website may not be possible without the use of cookies.

  1. Disclosure

Information gathered by HEI Schools for purposes other than recruitment will not be disclosed to anyone else. No data can be processed without the consent of a person outside the EU.

Recruitment applicants: If your job application involves one of our local operating schools, we may share your data with a representative of that country’s operating school. Operating schools may be located outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area. If personal data is transferred outside of the EU/EEA, we ensure that appropriate measures are taken to secure your personal data. We do not share your information with any other third party unless it is required by legislation or requested by public authorities.

  1. Data protection

Data is protected by both personal passwords on computers and personal user accounts and passwords for each system. You must have access to the service provided by the HEI Schools administrator or to the HEI Schools’ internal data management system. The information is only processed by persons who have the right or obligation to process said information as part of their duties.

  1. Keeping and removing Data

The information will be retained as long as the customer relationship or partnership continues or when a person cancels the newsletter subscription themselves.

Recruitment applicants’ personal data will be stored as long as it is required to serve the purpose for which it was collected or to meet legal and/or regulatory requirements. With your consent, we may store your data for a longer period in order to get in touch with you about future employment opportunities. Personal data which is no longer required will be erased regularly in accordance with HEI Schools’ own data protection practices.

  1. Requesting, correcting, and deleting information

The registrar has the right to check what information about themselves has been deposited into the register. HEI Schools rectifies, removes or supplements the personal data of the registry that are incorrect, unnecessary, defective or obsolete from the purpose of processing its own initiative or at the request of the data subject. The request for inspection and change is addressed to the HEI Schools’ Data Protection Officer in writing. The data subject must provide adequate identification information by themselves. The information will be provided within a reasonable time, no later than 30 days after receiving a valid request.