HEI Schools K12 Concept will offer you:

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HEI Schools Brand

HEI Schools Brand (2)Co-founded by the University of Helsinki and experienced education leaders, HEI Schools Brand has expanded its educational presence with 23 open HEI Schools and 20 more projects underway. 

When you license the HEI Schools concept, you also get the rights to use the HEI Schools brand. We provide the HEI Schools operators with detailed brand guidelines for using the HEI Schools brand.

You also join the global community of HEI Schools branded kindergartens and schools around the world! 

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HEI Early Years Curriculum

HEI Early Years Curriculum

For the Early Years (kindergarten, preschool and nursery level), you will be using the HEI Schools Curriculum.

Our Curriculum is researched-based and designed by our own early education experts together with our co-founder, Professor Lipponen, from the University of Helsinki.  The HEI Curriculum is inspired by Finland's National Early Education and Care Curriculum  with an emphasis on play and inquiry-based learning. 

The HEI Curriculum includes everything from age-specific learning objectives to monthly themes, lesson plans designed by Finnish teachers, tutorial videos, and printable materials.   

Updating the curriculum based on the latest research and future needs is close to our hearts.  We strive to provide the world's best early education curriculum!

Learn more about the HEI Curriculum


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HEI Early Years Teacher Training

HEI Early Years Teacher Training

Training the teachers is a core part of the HEI Schools Early Years concept. The training happens in four phases: 
1) Local
 training for the entire teaching staff 
2) M
entoring and co-teaching by an expert teacher at the local HEI Schools 
3) Ongoing teacher training on HEI Schools digital curriculum platform, in addition each teacher can enrol to HEI Schools Diploma program
4) Annual online re-training for new and existing teachers

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HEI Schools Space Design

HEI Space Design

A well-designed learning environment supporting the HEI curriculum and pedagogy is one of the key elements of HEI Schools concept.  Our space design concept is based on research and it is designed to optimize children's learning and wellbeing. Natural materials and harmonious colors are proven to reduce children's stress. It is easy to implement everywhere and it makes you stand out in the local market. 

All materials can be sourced locally and our project manager works efficiently with your local architect. 

Learn more about the HEI Schools design


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HEI Schools Support

HEI Support

The ongoing support from the HEI Schools HQ team includes project consultancy support in the set-up phase, monthly pedagogical support to principal and lead teachers and marketing support for reaching your enrolment targets. We also provide you an extensive marketing kit with ready-made marketing assets. 

We conduct an annual quality assurance together with your team and work in cooperation with you to ensure the development areas are tackled. 

Our bi-monthly Partner Talks offer plenty peer-to-peer learning opportunities, as well as our other community events and 1:1 sessions with other operators or principals.

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HEI Schools Global Community

HEI Global Community

HEI Schools Global Community consists of passionate educators implementing holistic, Finland-inspired education around the world.  You will have a chance to interact and learn from other HEI Schools partners in multiple different ways.

Children in the Early Years program also greet and meet monthly with other HEI Schools attending children through HEI Connect lesson !


IB Curriculum Framework for Grades 1-12


In the HEI Schools K12 concept, the grades 1-12 follow an IB Curriculum Framework. You will need to apply for the IB candidacy directly with IB organization and you would be paying all the IB related fees directly to them.

The IB approach and learner profiles align seamlessly with the HEI Schools Early Years approach and Curriculum. The IB approach is based on the same principles as the Finnish and HEI Schools models: student-centric, project- and phenomena-based learning. For this reason, combining the Finnish-inspired HEI Schools approach with the IB Curriculum Framework is a natural match. 

Teaching students the ‘the Finnish way’ enhances learning and celebrates children’s natural curiosity. The IB programme brings schools and staff a clear
structure and the tools and allows them to carry out phenomenon-based learning, and to successfully teach and support students in their skill development. 

Each school undergoes a thorough authorization process, ensuring readiness to teach one or more IB programmes. 

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) offers schools a continuum of programmes of education (PYP, MYP, Diploma, Career-related programs). All IB programmes of education are philosophically aligned and consistent in their approach to teaching and learning.

Each programme, inspired by the IB the mission statement, aims to develop students through the attributes of the IB learner profile.

Schools that offer at least three of the core programmes are referred to as continuum schools.

Each of the programmes:

  • has a strong international dimension
  • develops intercultural understanding
  • requires study across a broad range of subjects
  • includes both individual subjects and interdisciplinary areas
  • gives special emphasis to learning languages
  • focuses on developing skills for lifelong learning
  • provides opportunities for individual and collaborative planning and research
  • encourages students to become responsible, active members of their community.

In order to teach the IB programmes of education, a school must be authorized. Find out how to become authorized as an IB World School.




IB Teacher Training for Grades 1-12


As part of the IB program, you will need to take part in all mandatory teacher training programs. All the fees will be paid directly to the IB organization.

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) offers many benefits to teachers. 

IB teachers are given access to:

  • high quality professional development that encourages critical thinking, self-reflection and dedication to lifelong learning and continuous improvement
  • innovative and diverse education frameworks, unit planners, teaching resources and evaluation tools
  • certification and degree programmes offered by highly respected universities worldwide
  • a pedagogy known to produce students who are motivated to continue inquiry and lifelong learning, beyond school study.

Access high quality professional development 

The IB sees teachers as essential to the success of the school and as part of a professional learning community. To support them, we offer extensive professional development (PD), including:

  • face-to-face workshops, in-school and at regional events
  • online workshops
  • blended learning.

Learn more about PD run by the IB.

Earn university-recognized qualifications

The IB partners with prestigious universities and institutions around the world to offer IB certificates in teaching and learning and IB certificates in leadership.

IB offers four distinct certificates:

  • Certificate in teaching and learning
  • Advanced certificate in teaching and learning research
  • Certificate in leadership practice
  • Advanced certificate in leadership research.