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Welcome to the HEI community! At HEI Schools, we emphasize the collaboration between schools and parents, which is why we have gathered the best resources about Finland’s educational approach just for you.

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Questions from new HEI Schools Parents

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What can I expect as a HEI Schools Parent?

At HEI Schools, we understand how important your child's education is to you, which is why we are committed to providing the highest-quality education to every child that comes to us.

Click to read more about how a typical day at a HEI Schools Learning Center is structured.

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What exactly is Finnish education and how will it benefit my child?

The Finnish educational phenomenon has made headlines all over, but what exactly does it mean? 

Learn more about what Finnish Education actually is as well as all the ways that it will support your child.

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How does the HEI Curriculum help my child learn and do well academically?

The HEI Curriculum has been built based on the Finnish National curriculum, and has been improved upon every time new research results have emerged.

It is planned together with our partner and co-founder, the University of Helsinki, to ensure the highest quality of teaching.

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Do I need to only have HEI teaching tools and toys at home?

Using HEI Schools tools and toys is not in any way a requirement, but using them can support your child's educational journey.

All our products are designed based on the latest research and created for children of all ages and abilities so that they enrich your child’s daily learning experience. 

Continue supporting your child's learning journey at home with educational products from our HEI Shop.

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Hear from some of our other HEI Schools Parents

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I was looking for a school that embraces the whole child and views them as an individual. My partner wanted a school that allows children to be children, to pursue their imagination and to participate in free play. HEI Schools hit all the marks for both of us.

Mother of 2

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My child is now willing to actively participate, observe, try things on his own and develop his sense of curiosity. In just the first three months at HEI Schools, he has grown psychologically, personally and intellectually.

Mother of Taeyang

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After sending my child to HEI Schools, I noticed that he started singing when he would get on the school bus, which is something he had never done before!

Mother of Jayden

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Our child has tremendous affection and trust for all the teachers and friends he has made at HEI Schools. He used to get frustrated over small problems, but now he knows how to resolve conflict and build strong relationships.

Mother of 6yr old

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A typical HEI Schools classroom with children playing

Dig into our fun, educational resources!

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Freebie Downloadables

Interested in Finnish education in general? Have a look at our free downloadables and get an idea of all the fun your child will be having while learning!

Free Tools
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We organise regular Special Webinars on interesting aspects around Finnish Education, play based-learning and HEI Schools around the world. Join us for our next live one, or catch one of our 

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Are you planning to open a new kindergarten/preschool?

Check out our YouTube channel for a large selection of fantastic videos about HEI Schools, learn about our concepts, dig into our curriculum based on Finnish education and explore what play-based learning means to us! 

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Activity Ideas

If you would like to sample more of our activities and maybe try them at home, we have a wide selection of activities, songs and general inspiration on our Pinterest page. Take a look and save some to use on a rainy day! 

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