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Provide progressive education with HEI Schools’ high-quality and comprehensive early education services inspired by Finnish pedagogy and play-based learning. What to know more about HEI Schools and how we put it all together? Take a look at our demo!

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How can HEI Schools help your school?

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Open a HEI Schools Finnish Education Preschool

Experience all that HEI Schools has to offer with our flagship product, the Learning Center. Our full package of space design, learning materials, teacher training and curriculum resources will allow you to bring progressive, playful learning to your region with ease, and we will be there to support you every step of the way. Our branded kindergarten concept will attract families and help you stand out from the competition with our premium, high-quality offering.

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Subscribe to Teacher Toolkit

Our Teacher Toolkit offers a large selection of materials, including well-designed worksheets, planning and reporting tools, and daily activity plans to keep your learning center running smoothly and your teachers happy. Our extensively researched resources can help your teachers save up to 20% of their overall planning time and help them focus on what matters most - being with the children!

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Train Teachers and Standardize Teaching Quality

We can help you standardize the service and teaching at your school with our comprehensive teacher training certification. Stand out with high-quality, well-trained teachers thanks to the 10 module Teacher Diploma from HEI Schools.

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Find Exclusive and Unique Educational Products in the HEI Shop

Explore the HEI Shop’s selection of beautifully designed educational tools built to foster inclusivity in the classroom and suited to use with HEI Schools Toolkit activities.

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Take a look at our Learning Centers around the world!

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Open Your Own Finnish Kindergarten!

Are you looking for a unique business opportunity within early education? Do you want to stand out with high-quality education, focused on the child and around play-based learning? Do you want to develop your own brand or are you interested in our complete HEI Schools Learning Centre?

Contact our Sales team and let's explore these exciting opportunities together!