As someone interested in becoming a licensee, it is important to know that HEI Schools is 100% authentic Finnish concept. Everything we provide to you has been designed and created in Finland by Finnish professionals for those who want an authentic Finnish approach. In other words, we are 100% Finnish owned and operated. We are very proud of that and so is our academic partner, the University of Helsinki- ranked within the top 0.5% of the world's universities. 

We offer our research-based preschool concept on a licensing model. There are different ways to become a licensee of the HEI Schools concept, to find out which one fits your situation best, the quickest way is to fill in this form and talk to one of our Sales team. By filling in the form below, you will shorten the time needed to get the conversation started.  


The HEI Schools Learning Center is our flagship product that includes everything from Curriculum, extensive Teacher Training to Space and Learning Materials and peer-to-peer Teacher Community.


HEI Curriculum allows any kindergarten or preschool in the world to enjoy the benefits of Finnish pedagogy. This offering includes the HEI Curriculum, on-site Teacher Training and Mentoring period.


HEI Club is an activity club where children learn everything from science to art through playful activity- based sessions - with the same familiar teacher and group of children.


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