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The HEI Schools Toolkit: Finnish Early Education at Your Fingertips

The HEI Schools Toolkit offers guidance and practical tools to implement the Finnish play-based pedagogy at your early learning center. Visit our free demo to see the Toolkit for yourself!

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What is the Toolkit?

The Toolkit is a set of digital curriculum materials based on early education from Finland. With its well-structured activity plans and weekly and monthly themes, the Toolkit can be easily implemented in any school around the world.

This subscription service also offers worksheets, planning templates and reporting tools. These resources can  save up to 20% of your teachers' overall planning time,* which gives them more time and energy to spend with children!

* Savings are calculated based on the average time spent preparing 40 lesson plans and project themes per month.

What our customers say

  • It saves time
    80% of our partners said it saves at least 1 hour per week per teacher
  • It increases enrollments 
    60% of our partners reported at least a 5% increase in enrollments
  • It standardizes teaching 
    60% of our partners were able to increase tuition fees by at least 5%

What We Provide in the Toolkit

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Introduction to Finnish ECE

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Monthly Program & Daily Lesson Plans

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Inspiration for Teachers

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Marketing Materials

Some of Our Toolkit Partners

How Our Customers are Using the Toolkit

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Case Study: Montessori House, Kenya

With the help of the Toolkit, the owner of Montessori House was able to standardize the quality of her teachers and bring social-emotional learning to an academically focused curriculum.

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Spectrum case study

Case Study: Spectrum International Schools, Malaysia

The team at Spectrum boosted enrolment by 15% after implementing the Toolkit in their early education program, and satisfaction levels increased among parents, teachers and children.

Read More Download the PDF
HEI case study-08

Case Study: Beta Academy, USA

Children and teachers were stressed by academic pressures, so the Beta Academy team sought a way to bring play and joy back into learning. Enter the HEI Schools Toolkit! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I localize the curriculum? Will I get support in localizing and implementing the Toolkit at my school?

We provide a matrix of learning areas with learning objectives and targets per age group. You can compare these targets and learning outcomes to your local needs and requirements. You can then update and modify the activities we provide to suit your local curriculum.

The Toolkit functions on an interactive platform where you can reach out to us if you have any questions. We also organize monthly Q&A online sessions with our pedagogical team to address subscribers’ questions and concerns. However, it’s good to keep in mind that the Toolkit is a subscription service with no personal consultation service included.

Combining the Toolkit with the HEI Schools Teacher Certificate course is also an excellent choice. The Certificate course gives your teachers a deeper understanding of the Finnish play-based education methods and they learn how to effectively implement the methods in the classroom with the help of practical assignments.

Do the activities inside the program cater to different age groups?

Yes. We provide tailored activities for the following three different age groups: 

  • Tiny Tots (6 - 18 months)
  • Eager Explorers (18 months - 3 years) 
  • Lively Learners (4 - 6 years)

Is the HEI Schools Teacher Diploma Program included in the Toolkit subscription?

No, the HEI Schools Teacher Diploma program is a separate program and it is available to all teachers for a one-time fee of 490€ (VAT 0% outside of EU). Please contact the partnerships team at to discuss pricing options if you plan to purchase the program for multiple teachers at your school.

Does the Monthly Program of HEI Toolkit completely cover our needs for curriculum content?

The Toolkit materials include 2 activity plans per day for each age group, and it can be used as a stand-alone curriculum at your school if you wish. It is built based on the requirements of early childhood education of Finland and follows the main principles of the Finnish national curriculum. We encourage you to add sessions specific to your local country, culture and learning objectives as well. 

Are there thematic units and/or any sequence of learning?

Yes, each month’s program follows a certain theme. You always have access to the materials for the current month, as well as the following month and the previous month. We also provide previews of the themes for the following few months well in advance in order to make planning as easy as possible.

The activities are set up to be conducted in a certain order. However, it is the educator’s responsibility to evaluate the content and determine how to implement it with different age groups, taking into account the children’s developmental levels and capabilities.

Is there an additional program that caters to differently abled learners or are there any alternative or optional activities available?

Yes, there will be materials and instructions in the pedagogy for children with special needs. Inclusion is one of the key topics in Finnish early childhood education, and it is addressed in our Educational Framework. 

If you want to learn more about special needs and diversity, our HEI Schools Teacher Certificate program has an entire module dedicated to that topic!

What is the procedure to assess students? Will it be enough to cover all of a school’s needs in terms of student assessment and record-keeping?

The HEI Schools Toolkit includes a comprehensive set of forms for pedagogical planning, observation and evaluation. The Educational Framework section also provides extensive instructions about how to use these forms in practice.

Our assessment and evaluation system fulfills the needs of Finnish early childhood education requirements. However, you always need to follow your local legislation and requirements for student assessment and record-keeping, which may be different.

Can we implement the Toolkit activities if we are teaching remotely?

Most of the activities in the Toolkit are written in a way that they can be implemented remotely. We also give tips on how to organize the sessions online. However, we do not encourage the children to sit in front of the laptop, especially children under 3 years old, for long periods of time.

Want to read more about how to implement online learning? Check out our article “Hybrid Learning in Early Childhood Education.”

We give all schools with HEI Schools Toolkit free access to our online platform, HEI Schools Home. It includes easy activity plans for parents at home with weekly themes and simple materials. It also includes suggestions for daily routines with research-based information and parenting advice. These materials can be used as part of a hybrid model or simply as extra support for families. Your school is welcome to use the materials as you see fit.

Is there any way to test the Toolkit to see how it works in practice?

Yes! We have a free demo version of the Toolkit at 

Please note that this is a limited version of the Toolkit just to give you an idea of the structure and functionalities. It includes examples of the daily activities and other materials. We warmly recommend that you book a meeting with our partnerships team for a more thorough demonstration or join our weekly webinar to learn more about the Toolkit!

Can I use the HEI Schools name in my advertising and communication?

No, you cannot be called “HEI Schools” but you can advertise that you are using the Toolkit curriculum materials and pedagogy from Finland. To make things easier for you, we provide a marketing kit for your school to advertise the HEI Schools Toolkit with banners, social media posts, brochures and website templates. Due to licensing issues, the HEI Schools Toolkit marketing materials cannot be used to portray HEI Schools as a part of your school brand or school name. However, if you need or want more of the HEI Schools brand, you always have the option to upgrade to a HEI Schools Learning Center. Please contact the partnerships team to learn more.

Learn How the Toolkit Can Work For Your School

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