Finland's Early Childhood Education model

World-renowned Finnish early childhood education emphasizes viewpoints from the child’s perspective. The Finnish education system has been rigorously tested for decades with outstanding learning results. It combines the best and latest learning philosophies, models, practices with continuous development, to meet the highest standards in education.

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Understanding the phases of development

Research shows that introducing new skills when children are ready to receive them leads to learning, not frustration. The Finnish education system supports children’s learning and development without toxic stress that can come from pushing children to learn too much, too early.

Everybody, not only children, learn best when steered by their own interests. The Finnish education system has very high learning outcomes with purposeful play and nurturing guidance from highly-trained teachers. This way learning becomes fun and productive!

defining first years

The defining first years

The child’s first 7 years are important years, those defining years that will have a lasting impact on their life. The majority of a child’s brain develops in these early years – defining and shaping that child’s personality, health, cognitive growth and learning capabilities.

skillls for life

The essential skills for life

At HEI Schools, children are not just learning for school or standardized testing, but they are given a foundation for lifelong learning beyond academic skills. Children are equipped with 21st century competences such as focus, creativity, problem solving, self-expression, self-care, social-emotional, multi-literacy, collaboration, grit and resilience.