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Whatever your need, there is a HEI for You!

Provide progressive education with HEI Schools’ high-quality and comprehensive early education services inspired by Finnish pedagogy and play-based learning. What to know more?

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For whatever relationship you have with education, we have a HEI for you!

At HEI Schools, our mission is to bring high-quality education to as many children in the world as possible. If that’s your goal too, whether you are a teacher, school owner or parent, we have a concept to help you achieve it!

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HEI For You, Teachers

At HEI Schools, we believe that teachers matter and that the youngest children deserve the best teachers. To help you be the best teacher you can be, we have developed the comprehensive HEI Teacher Toolkit, an online curriculum with engaging, well-planned educational activities that are easy to implement and fun for everyone! 

To further help you in your educational journey, we created the Teacher Certificate online program. Approved by the University of Helsinki, the course covers all aspects of Finland’s progressive approach, and it is continuously updated to incorporate the latest educational research.

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HEI For You, Schools

We think a child’s early learning is critical to their future success, which is why schools need all the support they can get. We want to help make your school, preschool or kindergarten a warm, welcoming place for your children to learn with researched solutions for all aspects of the school, from the curriculum to the activities and design.

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HEI For You, Families

Whether your child attends a HEI Schools Learning Center or you’re simply interested in your child's wellbeing and education, you’re in the right place! We believe that parents play an important role in their child’s education, which is why we’ve pooled our resources to support you.

We warmly welcome you to learn more about the Finnish approach to education and how you can apply our best practices in your child’s daily life.