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At HEI Schools, we are fully committed to early education services inspired by Finnish pedagogy and play-based learning. Whether you're a teacher, an owner or a manager of a preschool, we provide a progressive educational solution for you. Watch our video to learn more!

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HEI Schools Early Years

The HEI Schools Early Years concept is a complete school concept with a comprehensive curriculum, high-quality space design, rigorous teacher training and hands-on project support. Our licensing model allows you to bring high-quality Finnish education to your region and adapt it to suit your local community's needs.

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Toolkit Curriculum

The Toolkit Curriculum is a set of online curriculum materials for any preschool or kindergarten wishing to implement progressive Finnish-style pedagogy at their center. It includes engaging, well-planned activities with resources like worksheets and videos, professional development materials, and a community of educators around the world.

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HEI Schools Teacher Diploma

We offer an international, online teacher training program for anyone interested in learning more about Finnish play-based pedagogy. This self-paced program includes many practical assignments and a welcoming international community of educators to make the learning experience interesting and enjoyable.