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Finland's early education childhood model

Learn how the world-renowned Finnish early childhood education system has achieved outstanding learning results while always looking at the world from the child’s perspective.

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Your child's learning experience

HEI Schools uses a holistic approach, paying close attention to children's social-emotional, physical, creative and cognitive growth and character development. Learn how our curriculum supports children in being active agents in their own learning and development.

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Educating the youngest among us: ECE for ages 0 to 3 years old

World-renowned Finnish early childhood education emphasizes viewpoints from the child’s perspective, even at a very young age. Learn about what type of care babies and toddlers need, how they learn best and what HEI Schools provides for the youngest age groups.

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How to be happy: The importance of creative, active children

The OECD recently released the results for its global test of 15-year-olds in math, science and reading, known as the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). China and Singapore ranked first and second, respectively, in all three areas. However, when it came to satisfaction with life, the situations was very different.

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The HEI Schools design & how to recreate it at home

Every parent knows that it can be hard to get children to focus. The younger they are, the more easily they get distracted. Research even proves it. In this article, we share the story of how we created our HEI Schools design, which is based on thorough pedagogical research, and how you can recreate elements of it in your own home!

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6 reasons why Finnish early childhood education is successful

For the past ten years, Finland’s education system has been praised as one of the best in the world. In Finland, early childhood education is considered a social service and as such, at least one year of pre-primary education is compulsory. The question is, what makes Finnish education, particularly early childhood education, so excellent?

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Training the best: How Finnish teachers are trained

In the late 1960s, Finland’s government decided to rebuild the country and economy by reforming education, with a main focus on teacher training. The result was a rigorous teacher education program that produced excellent educators, equipped to handle a large array of responsibilities.

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6 ways to effectively implement routines for children

Routines are helpful for any person, no matter what their age. However, for children, it is especially important to establish and maintain routines. it gives them a sense of security and comfort, and it can also help them feel a sense of independence because they can anticipate what's coming next.

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A Research-Based Curriculum with the HEI Schools Toolkit

At HEI Schools, we build our curriculum based on the foundations of Finnish early childhood pedagogy in collaboration with our academic partner, University of Helsinki. Our mission is to bring Finnish education to as many children as possible, and we partner with businesses and schools around the world to achieve this goal.

If you’re a school owner and want to incorporate these concepts into your preschool or kindergarten, consider the HEI Schools Toolkit. It brings the best of Finnish pedagogy online for schools around the world. Visit our free demo to see it for yourself!