Toolkit Case Study: Montessori House

Ms. Prisca Muyodi, owner of Montessori House in Nairobi, Kenya, was looking to standardize the quality of her teachers. Read how the Toolkit helped her achieve that goal.

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Montessori house

General Overview

  • School name: Montessori House

  • Location: Nairobi, Kenya

  • Open date: 2010

  • Joined the Toolkit: July 2020

  • Number of children in preschool program: 500+

  • Number of ECE teachers: 50+

Meet the HEI Schools Partner


Prisca Muyodi

Owner of Montessori House

Now I know that all of my teachers have access to high-quality lesson plans and activities for the children. The Toolkit provides them with a base that ensures all children will get a satisfactory education, and teachers can add their own creativity to it as well.


Challenges faced

  • With 5 centers and over 50 teachers, it was difficult to ensure quality across the board
  • There was a heavy focus on academics rather than holistic learning due to national requirements
  • Teachers did not have the tools and resources they needed to achieve necessary learning outcomes



Prisca come across HEI Schools for the first time in 2019, and while she was interested then, the timing wasn’t right. After reading an article about how the Finnish educational system is one of the best in the world, she received a newsletter from HEI Schools and got in touch. The pandemic upended everything soon after that. However, once she recalibrated and reopened one of her learning centers, which was exempt due to its status as an international school, she decided to purchase the Toolkit and establish a pilot program with the product.

With the HEI Schools Toolkit, Ms. Muyodi was able to guarantee that all of her teachers would have a foundation of high-quality activity plans, pedagogy and resources that were in line with her vision of holistic learning. She introduced the platform to her teachers, and they worked as a team to go through the resources and determine how to incorporate them into their classrooms. To achieve the rigorous academic outcomes listed in Kenya’s national curriculum, Ms. Muyodi determined that teachers would run one or two purely academic sessions per day in addition to HEI Schools activities.



All teachers have a foundation of high-quality activity plans and materials


Children learn social-emotional skills through play-based Toolkit activities


Educators are equipped with the resources they need to succeed


Though there is a long road ahead, Ms. Muyodi is excited about what the Toolkit brings to her company. She thinks it is a quality product that will make a big difference to her school and community: “I think this will be quite a game-changer for our schools and our offering, so we’re looking forward to working together for the long term.”

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