Expansion of the HEI Schools network in China

With a new multi-unit contract signed, two new HEI Schools in Chengdu and Shanghai are confirmed to open in the fall of 2019. This is an extension to the HEI Schools China family with schools already in in Guangzhou and Baotou. The Baotou school was the first HEI Schools in China. After a full year of operations, HEI Schools Baotou now has 20 teachers and 100 children.

“Of course we have learnt a lot from our first opening, such as how to truly work together, instead of doing things ‘a certain Finnish or a certain Chinese way’,” says Reetta Kaasalainen. “We will rather focus on truly creating the HEI culture and work on shared understanding.”

The Finnish school system has generated great interest in China and now the HEI team is looking forward to expanding the network of HEI Schools in the rest of the country.