HEI Schools and Kide Science join forces to globalize early education

PRESS RELEASE March 15th 2019

HEI Schools, a Finnish early childhood education (ECE) company delivering the acclaimed Finnish model to early education ECE operators worldwide has just teamed up with Kide Science to include the innovative education model and learning materials as a part of the HEI curriculum. Kide Science supports children’s scientific thinking through play-based learning, which predicts better learning outcomes in school. Pedagogical methods are based on rigorous academic research by Ph.D. Jenni Vartiainen, who is a leading researcher in the field of early science education.

Nordic countries top polls year after year as the happiest in the world. Studies consistently prove that a solid foundation during the early years has a lasting, lifelong impact. HEI Schools and Kide Science have a research-based licensing model established for local partners to provide the best in early childhood education, all backed by academics at the University of Helsinki. In addition, both are part of Education Finland, which is a governmental cluster programme supporting the best education providers in their growth throughout the international market.

Starting from autumn 2019, Kide Science lessons will be implemented in all HEI Schools. Rapid growth and desirability for the concept in different markets show that HEI Schools is fulfilling a need by providing a model not based on heavy stress, ranking, and competition, but on individual success and holistic development of the child – while still not compromising academic achievement. “This is the same ideology Kide Science has had since the beginning. That is why we are so excited about this co-operation.” says Jenni Vartiainen, founder of Kide Science.

HEI Schools and Kide Science are both operating in Finland, China, and Australia, and now they are seeking joint growth in new markets, starting from Korea, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait City, which will be open during 2019-2020.

HEI Schools was developed to offer high-quality early childhood education for as many children and families in the world as possible. Kide Science has a high-quality research-based early science education concept, so we cannot think of a better company to work with as they share our vision.” says CEO of HEI Schools, Milla Kokko.

HEI Schools offersis a highly designed, research- based licensing model, established for local partners, to provide the best in early childhood education. A complete preschool package including the curriculum, teacher training, learning environment design, curated learning materials and operational support. All created with co-founder University of Helsinki in 2016 together with experts in education and design – a perfect harmony of Finnish pedagogy and Nordic design delivered to the world.


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