HEI Schools expands into the UAE with multiple early learning centers

The Helsinki International Schools Group (HEI Schools) is proud to announce its expansion to the United Arab Emirates through a strategic partnership with Ghobash Group. This move represents a significant milestone in bringing the acclaimed Finnish approach to early childhood education to the UAE.

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HEI Schools, recognized for its child-focused, play-based & holistic learning philosophy, is poised to enhance the Early Childhood Education ecosystem in the UAE across Dubai and other regions with multiple HEI UAE Early Learning Centres.

Ghobash Group, with its robust track record of fostering innovation and impactful collaborations, brings forth their commitment to investing in and advancing education. Through valuable partnerships like this, they aim to lay strong foundations for UAE’s human capital base while driving forward the country’s social empowerment goals.

Rashid Ghobash, Executive Director of Ghobash Group, emphasized the alignment of this venture with the UAE’s educational vision: “We know today that by nurturing the skills and behavior of children in their early years of life and by enabling an environment that produces pioneering, knowledgeable and skilled minds who are able to design and seize the future, we can contribute to building even more solid foundations for the UAE’s human capital base”.

Inkeri Aimonen, CEO of HEI Schools, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are excited to be partnering with Ghobash Group to effectively deliver the globally acclaimed Finnish Early Childhood Education model to the UAE market. We hope to shape many successful young global citizens.” She elaborated, "The HEI Curriculum & Pedagogy is brought to life through ongoing, rigorous training led by mentors from Finland. At the HEI Schools HQ in Finland, we are committed to supporting our partner to uphold excellence in delivery in the UAE."

The introduction of HEI Schools to the UAE reflects a strong alignment with the UAE’s “We the UAE'' advanced and integrated social empowerment model, aimed at unleashing the potential of young learners by leveraging an education system that instills moral values and enriches knowledge throughout all life stages, according to the Ghobash Group. With a curriculum and pedagogy grounded in Finland's national early education system and 23 HEI Schools worldwide, the expansion aims to make a lasting positive impact on global education.

The HEI Schools Learning Center concept has been applauded for its turn-key & comprehensive solution that combines research, education, design & business. Endorsements from various operators, such as Mr. Yu, Director, Managing Director of HEI Schools in Australia, and Mr. & Ms. Vinichbutr, founders of HEI Schools Bangkok in Thailand, underscore the value and impact of HEI’s educational solutions worldwide.


About HEI Schools:

HEI Schools (Helsinki International Schools Group) is a pioneering early education provider that brings the excellence of Finnish early childhood education to the global stage. Founded in collaboration with the University of Helsinki, HEI Schools stands at the forefront of educational innovation, emphasizing a child-focused, play-based, and holistic learning philosophy. The company's approach integrates academic excellence with 21st-century skills development, ensuring children are not just learners but active participants in their intellectual, emotional, and physical development. With its curriculum and pedagogical model exported to multiple countries, HEI Schools is committed to making high-quality education accessible to children around the world, fostering environments that encourage curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning.
• HEI Schools operates in partnership with early education operators globally to bring Finnish early education to children around the world.
• The HEI Pedagogy and HEI Way underline the values behind their educational solutions.  
• HEI Schools offers Toolkit Curriculum, Early Years & K12 Concept, Teacher Diplomas, and Training Programs with a focus on holistic development.
• Additional resources can be found on the HEI Schools website including downloadables, webinars, blogs, and newsletters. www.heischools.com

About Ghobash Group:

Established in 1981 with its headquarters in the UAE, Ghobash Group serves as one of the region’s premier privately-owned business conglomerates. Operating across diverse sectors, primarily technology, energy, chemicals, healthcare, and real estate, the Group has expanded its reach by forging strategic partnerships with key stakeholders who align with its core values. Central to its corporate strategy is its commitment to being a trusted advisor to its partners and clients, emphasizing innovation, and generating lasting impact. Today with a diverse team of 1,750+ professionals, extensive regional experience, strong financial backing, and unrivalled operational capabilities, Ghobash Group ventures confidently into the future, dedicated to pushing the boundaries for innovation and customer satisfaction.