HEI Schools Expands Into Malaysia with Curriculum Partnership

Pictured left to right: Mr Mohamed Farid, Mr Eero Väisänen, Ambassador Petri Puhakka, Ms Mardhiah Zain, Ms Syahirah Hanim Jermadi, and Mr Heikki Vartia.

Helsinki International Schools Group (HEI Schools), a Finnish company that exports the Finnish Early Childhood Education model around the world, is excited to announce that it will be expanding into Malaysia this year. The Finnish, play-based HEI Schools Curriculum product will be implemented at a brand-new kindergarten in Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya, twenty kilometers south of Kuala Lumpur. This is an important milestone for both Malaysia and HEI Schools, for it will be the first school in Malaysia following the Finnish play-based HEI Schools Curriculum.

Axon Children’s Centre, a one-stop center for early learning and child development, is set open in April 2020. It is founded by two pediatric occupational therapists, Ms Syahirah Hanim Jermadi and Ms Mardhiah Zain. They chose the HEI Curriculum because they have followed the success of the Finnish education system in articles and scientific studies. Based on their occupational experience dealing with delays in development, learning difficulties and behavioural challenges among children, they are convinced that Finnish play-based early childhood education and its holistic approach is good for children because it focuses on children’s wellbeing and also leads to excellent learning results. As a result, they decided to make the HEI Schools Curriculum a cornerstone of their new kindergarten.

“We believe that the first six years of a child’s life are the most crucial for their development. In those years, a child’s sole occupation is to play, and through play comes the learning of new skills essential for personal-social growth. The alarming decline of play has been detrimental to child development and has resulted in poor emotional resilience, lack of self-control and even depression, requiring the attention of child specialists such as psychologists, psychiatrists, and occupational therapists. With HEI Schools Curriculum and our experiences in working with children of all abilities, we hope that the Axon Children’s Centre can lay the foundation for happier and successful children,” said Ms Jermadi in a statement.

The deal between Axon Child Network and HEI Schools was signed at the Finnish Embassy in Kuala Lumpur on February 11th with Finland’s Ambassador to Malaysia Petri Puhakka, Deputy Head of Mission Mr Väisänen, Senior Advisor of Business Finland Mohamed Farid, Mr Heikki Vartia, Partnerships and Sales Manager from HEI Schools, and Ms Jermadi and Ms Zain of Axon Child Network in attendance. They are excited about the expansion of Finland’s Early Childhood Education model into Malaysia. “Promoting Finnish business is one of our key activities at the Embassy, and I am confident that we have a good story to tell when it comes to the education sector. We are delighted to see that there are new Finnish actors, such as HEI Schools, who have started cooperation with Malaysian partners, and we wish them all success in their future endeavours,” explained Ambassador Puhakka.

Both Axon Child Network and HEI Schools are looking forward to bringing the Finnish education concept to Malaysia and paving the way for a preschool system that produces happy, creative children. To learn more about Finnish education and how you can bring it to your area, see the ways you can partner with us or join one of our webinars.