HEI Schools Introduces Finnish ECE at the Embassy of Finland in India

On the 28th of May 2024, HEI Schools, an international leader in early childhood education, recently introduced Finnish educational programs to India. The event was hosted at the Embassy of Finland in Delhi, offering a platform to showcase the innovative and unique approach of HEI Schools to early education.

During the event, Lasse Lipponen, the founder of HEI Schools and a professor of education at the University of Helsinki, delivered an inspiring speech on compassion and empathy in children. In an interview with Press Insider, he shared his thoughts: “We want to respect the local cultures and because there is a Hei School in every continent, we accept cultural differences when it comes to education. The idea of play-based learning in Finnish pedagogy is something that we want to take everywhere with us, that learning shouldn’t be treated like office work,”

Also in an interview with the press, Tito Gronow, the deputy head of mission at the Embassy of Finland in India, described India as a growing market. “We have seen the country gain both political and economic importance at a global stage in the last 25 years. Its significant population and segments in the society create an education market where parents are constantly on the lookout for the best of the best. I believe Finland can definitely provide a better option for parents when it comes to a balanced early education,” Gronow said.

The event also featured the announcement of two significant partnerships between HEI Schools and reputable Indian education entrepreneurs. These collaborations aim to establish premium kindergartens in Gurugram in August 2024 and Bangalore in 2025.

the announcement of two significant partnerships between HEI Schools and reputable Indian education entrepreneurs (1)

Heikki Vartia, director of partnerships at HEI Schools, also shared at the event “The Finnish model is very progressive, so the teachers we look for have to have an open mind and willingness to do things a little bit differently than what their personal experience was back when they were children. We have more inquiries coming out of India than from any other country right now,” The company is considering potential locations for future branches in India, including Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

HEI Schools remain committed to making high-quality education accessible to children worldwide and hope to create environments that encourage children to actively participate in their development.


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Key persons were interviewed and quoted by SHIREEN KHAN. The original news article was posted on Press Insider.