HEI Schools Welcomes Busan Delegates for Finnish ECE Introduction

Helsinki, Finland — HEI Schools recently welcomed a delegation from Busan Global Village and city officials from Busan, including the Vice Mayor, marking a significant step towards global educational cooperation. This visit focused on introducing the delegates from South Korea to the Finnish approach to Early Childhood Education (ECE).

During their time here, the South Korean delegation gained a detailed understanding of the Finnish ECE system, recognized worldwide for its quality and innovation. A key event was a training session by the Pedagogical Manager of HEI Schools, discussing the Finnish emphasis on holistic education and the role of play in learning.

Training session by the Pedagogical Manager of HEI Schools (1)

Training session at HEI Schools. Image by Andrew Dang

This event highlighted the influence of Finnish education on leading countries like South Korea and the potential for impactful educational partnerships between HEI Schools and Busan Global Village. Such collaborations could significantly alter the educational landscape in Busan, providing families access to education inspired by Finnish models.

Heikki Vartia, Director of Global Partnerships at HEI Schools, commented on the visit, stating,

“It was a privilege to welcome our esteemed visitors and share the principles and practices of Finnish ECE with them. Our aim goes beyond presenting our work; we seek to initiate substantial educational improvements that will benefit children and families in Busan.”

Although Finnish ECE institutions are rare in South Korea, HEI Schools has successfully operated a campus on Nami Island since late 2021, serving many families on this beautiful island with Finland’s famous play-based curriculum.

The ongoing discussions about potential collaborations between HEI Schools and Busan Global Village point towards a promising future for education in Busan, in line with HEI Schools' goal of globally accessible, high-quality education. This partnership is designed to foster environments that promote curiosity, creativity, and a love of learning in children.

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About HEI Schools:

HEI Schools, co-founded with the University of Helsinki, is a forefront provider of early education, introducing Finnish early childhood education excellence worldwide, with a focus on child-centered, playful, and comprehensive learning experiences.

About Busan Global Village:

Busan Global Village, located in Busan, South Korea, is committed to English language education, providing various programs for different age groups, aiming at affordable and effective language learning solutions.

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Director of Global Partnerships at HEI Schools
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