HEI Schools named top-100 in global education.

The Finnish-based preschool model was selected from over 1,000 participants as one of the most innovative educational platforms in the world.

World renowned education nonprofit HundrED (hundred.org) has selected HEI Schools (heischools.com) as one of the 100 most inspiring programmes in education worldwide at the prestigious HundrED Innovation Summit held in Helsinki, Finland.


HundrED’s goal is to showcase the best K12 projects that improve the future of education globally. A team of researchers investigated programmes to determine which 100 innovations are currently changing the face of education today. Over 1,000 participants were identified and 160 were selected for evaluation by the HundrED academy, a group made up of pedagogical experts, educators and students (ages 11-19 years old) from 28 countries.

HEI Schools was selected for their holistic approach to early childhood education, seamlessly combining all elements needed to enrich young minds: a research based model with a clear licensing package consisting of curriculum materials, teacher training modules, spacial design concept, curated learning materials and operator support. The scalability of HEI Schools is the core of its mission, since the model can be placed anywhere in the world, giving any child access to high quality education and revealing their own unique importance worldwide.


Says Milla Kokko, CEO and one of the co-founders at HEI Schools, “We are so honored to have been selected. Our goal with HEI Schools is simple: to bring high quality early childhood education to as many children and families in the world as possible. We are very happy to see, that just a year after opening our very first HEI Schools kindergarten in Baotou, China where we have now over 100 children and their families joining the international “HEI Family”. This is a clear example of the attractiveness and scalability in our model. We will continue to expand, creating an environment that engages our community, activates young minds and provides a space for lifelong learning.”