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At HEI Schools, we receive many questions about what it’s like to start and run a Learning Center with us. To address those topics, we started a new series called “Partner Talks” in which we sit down with our current partners who operate Learning Centers throughout the world and talk to them about their experiences. Today, we are talking to Teddy Koentjoro, owner of HEI Schools Senayan in Indonesia, while he completes our Spring 2019 Management training. Please read further about his thoughts on education in Indonesia, becoming a father and creating future change makers.


Can you tell us when you first found out about HEI Schools? What sparked your interest?

We found HEI Schools through Google! How wonderful these days what technology can do connecting us from both worlds digitally. Personally, I am never a fan of the conventional education system. I always thought that the approach towards education is in need of disruption and many improvements are necessary. This is the least we can do on our part to contribute in a small way to the betterment of education in Indonesia.


You and your wife are recent, first-time parents. Did this have any effect on your interest in HEI Schools and early childhood education?

Yes, being first-time parents definitely gives us more motivation in making sure that we establish HEI Schools to meet the best possible standards in Indonesia and that we attract passionate local and international educators to participate in our community.


What do you think would most attract Indonesian families to HEI Schools?

We believe that the HEI Way culture and values will attract forward-thinking parents in Indonesia. It’s important to educate families that HEI Schools’ approach and methods are based on the latest research in education and pedagogy, which are rigorously tested in preschools across Finland. It is not only a highly researched preschool model with proven results, but it also ranked the best globally.


In Indonesia, what is a common theme in early childhood education?

“Learning through play” is a common theme, but it does not have a common connotation.


Is the Finnish model of education well known throughout Indonesia?

The Finnish education model is gaining popularity, and it is much admired by most individuals in the industry. We hope that HEI Schools Senayan will be the pioneer in introducing Finnish education to Indonesia and that we can become a source of information for those who are eager to learn more.


What are parents currently seeking for their children in Indonesia and especially in Senayan?

We think all parents in the world can agree on one thing– they want the best for their children. However, determining the term ‘best’ can have many different perspectives. The most important thing is to recognize each child holistically and to understand what’s best for each child. We believe Indonesian parents are interested in new approaches and methods that are based on the latest research in education and pedagogy in order to provide the very best for their children.


Are there cultural celebrations or practices you will incorporate into your HEI Schools?

Yes. Understanding and appreciating our roots and culture is vital for Indonesia’s future generation.


How do you feel about incorporating HEI mentor teachers in your school?

It’s a brilliant opportunity to learn and exchange ideas for both parties. We believe that each country/market is unique, and hopefully with this global HEI Families community, we all can join forces in contributing to the future of education. Along with HEI mentor teachers, Indonesia’s education community and parents can have a better understanding of Finnish early childhood education and care. This is one of the key ways to combine knowledge in our teacher training program.


What will be the age group of the children attending your HEI Schools?

18 months to 6 years old.


What are your future plans or dreams for HEI Senayan?

We have a common belief as HEI Schools that every child deserves high-quality early childhood education, and we aim to be accessible to as many children as possible. Our dream is not only to open many locations in different formats but also to provide the right ecosystem for current and future educators to partake. Bill Gates once said, “The brilliant minds of the future will focus on more metaphysical questions: How do we make people happier? How do we create meaningful connections? How do we help everyone live a fulfilling life?”. We hope that we can be a part of nurturing Indonesian children who are not only capable of adapting to the changing world, but of changing the world themselves.


Any hopes or fears about your new project?

It’s a journey of very mixed feelings. We strongly believe that we have the best talent possible partaking in this project, and together with HEI Senayan family, we are going to accomplish and overcome all the hopes & fears. Wish us luck!


Please add anything additional you would like to share about HEI Senayan and about yourselves!

To all passionate individuals in Indonesia who are interested to take part in our journey, please do reach out to us! HEI Schools Senayan looks forward to collaborating with educators and individuals from various disciplines in defining the future of education in Indonesia.


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